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The 50th Reunion: Afterglow
What can I say? After 50 years, When I walked in the door at Ti Amo's I was a nervous, grouchy old man.
When I walked out the door from the Garden Center Saturday evening I was seventeen again. It was glorious!
I want to do it again. And I won't wait 50 years this time. Love you all. Joe Z. Durham
Profile picture Joe Durham Re: The 50th Reunion: Afterglow
Here are just a few of the truly great moments:
Hearing Jim Peters describe his surviving a heart attack (I really appreciate your kind comments in my yearbook, Jim)
Watching Jim Fehrle dance.
(I don’t know what he’s got but I want some of it)
Judy (finally) gets recognized as our Valedictorian.
(Great job Mattox. But you know I’m jealous.)
Standing next to Command Master Chief Jim Sinclair
while they play “Anchors Aweigh.”
(You make me very proud to be an American, Jim).

And on, and on and on…