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Profile picture Marilyn Loucks (Deceased)
Reunion Yearbooks
Would you like to have a reunion yearbook printed for the upcoming reunion? We did one for the 25th and 40th reunions, but haven't planned yet to do one for the 50th. The cost would probably be $20-$25 above the registration fee of $63. Image
Profile picture Sharon Joraanstad Re: Reunion Yearbooks
I have enjoyed looking at the previous year booklets ...its fun to see how people have matured etc. Now its who has retired, where they live and the hobbies they have started or are enjoying. I would even be glad to come back to Tulsa and help with what ever I could to get one put together for publishing. We will all be taking our own pictures, especially when most cell phones have a camera. If everyone shared their pictures with names attached, it would be a big hit. Thats my opinion, and I love pictures of people having fun and sharing stories etc. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at our class reunion in Aug. Until then Cheers!