Marilyn Loucks...
Marilyn Loucks...
Marilyn Loucks on May 20, 2013
OK everyone...  
     The reunion is just over 3 months away. 
              Deadline for registrations is one month off - June 15!
           It's time to make a decision about whether you are coming.  
 And we hope you decide you are!
We know that a lot of you are reading the website - we're getting close to 10,000 hits on the site.  I just spent a few minutes reading through all the tributes that have been posted on the memorials page.  Interestingly, some people have posted a tribute, but haven't gone on to fill out their own profile so that others can send them messages, or to buy tickets (register) for the reunion.
There are also some who have sent an RSVP on the site, but haven't gone on to buy their tickets.  Now is the time!  There are people coming who haven't been to a reunion in 20 years or more - as well as a few who have never been to one.  You don't want to miss out on seeing them do you?  Also, there are quite a few who will be coming by themselves - so don't worry about being a single.  
I hope I've covered all your hesitations about coming to the reunion.  
We hope you decide to come and join in the fun.
Marilyn Loucks on April 12, 2013 
Wow!  There’s still so much to do – and so little time!   Let’s see - lose 20 lbs., buy new clothes, go to the gym more often, buy reunion tickets, make hotel reservations – WAITThe important thing on that list is:
                          To buy reunion tickets.
The reunion committee is still immersed in all those little details that have to be dealt with so that the reunion can appear to happen effortlessly.  At our next meeting we’re all going to be stuffing envelopes and sticking on labels and stamps to get formal invitations to the reunion in the mail to everyone.  We’re still searching for missing classmates (see list on the website.)   We’ve also started trying to locate former teachers so that we can invite them too.  One group is working on plans for a way to recognize the veterans in our class, another is getting bids for flower arrangements and table decorations.  We’re still trying to make arrangements for a tour of some kind for Saturday afternoon. And then ---well, you get the idea. There’s still lots to do. 
In addition to the website, Ron has set up a closed page for us on Facebook (Tulsa Central Class of 1963 Reunion). We currently have 76 people in that group.  An interesting discussion has been going on the last few days about whether we should be planning to do a reunion memory book (yearbook) for this reunion. 
The planning committee hadn’t included that in our plans, but it now looks like some people just assumed we would do one.   Since most of that work happens after a reunion, it isn’t too late if there’s enough interest in having one.  So you can come and join those  of us already involved in the discussion on Facebook, or you can go to the “Share Something” page here on the website and reply to the yearbook topic there.
But don’t forget to buy your reunion tickets!
Marilyn Loucks on October 29, 2012 12:49 PM
Hi again!
We've now contacted everyone in our class that we know how to reach - either by email or by U.S. mail.  Our visitor count here on the website has increased some, but we've only had a few more profiles registered on the classmates list. 
You need to register and fill out your profile, so you and your old friends can exchange messages and learn what's been happening since you last were in touch.  And go ahead and upload a current picture of yourself while you're there - that's part of the fun for all of us.  No one looks the same folks!
I love the lyrics to the song "The Way We Were" - So it's the laughter we will remember, Whenever we remember the way we were.  This is so true of our reunions!  There's constantly laughter around the room.
Have you listened to the music that Ron's added to the site?  You have to select that on the welcome page - but it's fun to have those old songs playing in the background while you look at the different pages. 
Mark the reunion dates on your calendar now!  We don't want to hear any excuses that you can't come because you had prior plans!
More later --
Marilyn Loucks on October 14, 2012 12:43 AM
Hi everyone!  
I'm going to use this Blog space to talk about what the Planning Committee is doing, share observations on going to reunions, and keep you up to date on what you can expect from this coming reunion.
Next year's reunion will be our 7th one (I counted them - 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45 and now 50 years since graduation!)  I think I've been involved in planning each one of them, so I speak from experience - this is one of the best committees we've ever had.  We have 24 people working on this event - as many men as women, which is kind of unusual. 
Isn't this new website something?  You can all thank Ron King for this.  He explored several options on the Internet for creating the site, chose the best one for us and then he has done all of the work involved in creating ours.  He has spent lots of hours on this so that all of us can have a way to interact with old friends from now until the reunion begins.  
Everyone please find your photo and fill out your profile!  The more of you who do that, the more alive this site will become.  And we want you to see reasons to come back to the site regularly from now til Aug. 2013.  Then we'll see you at the reunion during Labor Day weekend!  
Bye for now - I'll be back in a few weeks!